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When you buy a League of Legends smurf from us you get the highest quality League smurf on the market. We’re so sure of the quality of our LoL accounts that we offer a full Lifetime Ban Warranty with all our smurf accounts.

Why do you need to buy an account?

You don’t have to waste time grinding a new smurf to level 30. You only need a few minutes to get ready for ranked battles. Another big advantage of buying an account is the fact that it makes the game a thousand times more interesting. We all know that going to the top takes a lot of time.

Practice, go ahead, gain experience

Using lol smurfs has nothing to do with cheating. In fact, they are a kind of training room, where the player hones his skills and assesses the effectiveness of new strategies. Buying a League smurf today is very simple – just a few clicks are enough.

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Every LoL Account comes instantly to your email. You will get your username and password sent to your email and you can start playing ranked right away. No more wasting time on leveling accounts yourself. All accounts are level 30 or higher and come with the option to change your email and password to your own.


Safety is the most important part of all. On our websites your details are hidden and secure. We accept Credit Card payments via Stripe, the biggest and most secure credit card processor in the world. You can also pay via Cryptocurrency, Skrill, banks and other local payment  methods using Payop. We have zero negative reviews for a reason!


All our accounts come with lifetime warranty, we are that confident in the quality of our accounts. Our Blue Essence accounts have the lowest banrate on the planet, and all of our BE, Handleveled & Ranked accounts are made by the X1Boost team so we are the original and only owners. This means the accounts are completely safe to use.

How does it work?


Choose your Account

Choose a Blue Essence, Ranked or Handleveled Account. We offer accounts from 20.000 to 150.000 Blue Essence


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Checkout safely with your Credit Card, Bank or Crypto and get your account login and password within 10 seconds


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Change your email ownership, buy 20 champions, make sure your settings are correct and you are ready for ranked!

Handleveled League of Legends Accounts

We offer a variety of Handleveled accounts on X1Boost. All our Handleveled Accounts are leveled with ARAM games and start with a fresh MMR. The accounts come with full recovery info & 30.000+ BE after opening all loot.

What is the difference between a BE and a Handleveled Account?

A BE Account is made using private software and while the banrate is low, they can get banned if you are unlucky. A Handleveled account is safe from any type of bans except flaming or scripting. The only way to get banned is through a fault of your own.

What is a High MMR Account?

A High MMR Account is a handleveled account that gives a lot more LP per win than a regular account. A 2300+ MMR account can already start in Gold 4 after one win, and a 2500+ MMR Account can start in Gold 3 after one win. The LP gains are very high so you can climb faster than normal. The Higher the MMR the higher the LP gains can be, specially when you get to high ELO.

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Unranked Level 30 Accounts

Fresh level 30 accounts with a high amount of Blue Essence to start playing ranked or normal games right away

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