Valorant Handleveled EU Account


This Handleveled Valorant account is leveled by us without the use of 3rd party programs. The account is level 20 (Ranked Ready) with 2 Agents of choice

Since this is a handleveled account, no chance of any bans that you aren’t responsible for!

You can play on Istanbul / Frankfurt / Paris / Stockholm / London / Tokyo / Warsaw / Madrid and Bahrein servers while paying cheap to VPs.

• Accounts are ranked-ready & 20 level.
• No ranked match played before on all the accounts.
• Turkish market, so prices will be %50 off than most of the countries. For example, 8.5K VP = 38 Euro.
• Accounts are handmade, it is leveled by our team.
• Life-time warranty & guarantee that account will be yours until forever.
• Email and password changeable. Accounts will be delivered with no mail linked to them, so you’ll put your mail there directly. No extra mail codes are needed.

Accounts will be delivered instantly with the following information:

1.) ID:
2.) Password:
3.) Account creation date:
4.) Birthday on the account:
5.) The location where accounts were created:

The account details will be available immediately after completing the payment.

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